Meet us next week, the second Tuesday of the month, for LADIES LOVE the LAYOVER in beautiful downtown Oakland.

Spring time is nigh so we’re bringing you a fresh crop of flowers with a few perennials sprinkled in.

Come support the gals performing in our room for the first time - 

Nicole Love
Heather Gold
Irene Tu

And of course our perennials, your featured comics -
Nicole Calasich
Jessica Sele
Mimi Vilmenay

As always I’ll be your host Lydia Popovich


Our sponsor Feelmore Adult Gallery opened it’s doors February 14, 2011. In celebration of their 3rd anniversary we are throwing a Valentine’s Day Sex-tacular! 

Our featured comics will share stories and jokes about love and sex. Bring your hunny, let’s laugh and celebrate. At the end of the night, you the audience will select your most favorite comic. Feelmore Adult Gallery will reward that featured lady with a cash prize. Woo Hoo!! 

Featured Comics 


Karinda Dobbins


Jennifer Dronsky


Kelly Anneken


Caitlin Gill

Susan Maletta

Eloisa Bravo

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Happy New Year! 

January is going to be an INSANELY good show. I’ve booked incredibly strong comics to kick off 2014 right. 

We will have fewer comics this month with each lady doing MORE time. 

Ladies loving you long time this month … 

Featured Ladies: 


Caitlin Gill 

Caitlin is one of my favorite people on the planet. Period. She’s the best at pretty much everything including but not limited to comedy. She’s a gentleman and a scholar.  


Marcella Arguello 

Bitches try to hate on Marcella because she’s fine as fuck, skinny as shit and taller than a mutherfucker. They just jealous, and they should be. She radiates dope-ness. Bask in it. 


This bitch is amazing. Like AH-MAH-ZING. With her on the show, we’ve got a SERIOUS triple threat on our hands. THIS SHOW IS GOING TO BE FUCKING INCREDIBLE. 

Also performing 

Emily Epstien White 

Jane Harrison

And of course me, Lydia Popovich will be your host for the evening. 

We start at 8:30pm. 

Show is ALWAYS free. 

Tops are ALWAYS encouraged. 

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Next Show: November 12!

Hosting on behalf of Lydia Popovich Comedian is SF’s Best Comic - Dhaya Lakshminarayanan

Our sponsor Nenna Joiner of Feelmore510 will be in the house with giveaways and discounts from Oakland’s first progressive adult store. 

Ladies Lovin’ the Layover this month….


Molly Trad
Kat Evasco
Kate Willett
Glory Magaña
Jane Harrison 
Molly Sokhom

As always it’s free and tons of fun! 

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Next Show: October 8!

Rocktober is coming so I’ve planned ahead and booked a show chock full of rock stars. 

Ladies loving the Layover this month … 

Kristee Ono
Natasha Muse
Anita Drieseberg
Emily Van Dyke

Eloisa Bravo

And your super special guest host, holding it down for me while I am in the United Kingdom is 

Karinda Dobbins

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Next Show: 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY August 13!

That’s right, it’s been a whole year since Ladies Love took over the women’s comedy night at The Layover. 

The Ladies have loved the shit out of Oakland and you have loved the shit out of us so let’s celebrate together. 

For our FIRST anniversary we are bringing back Ladies Love all stars including 

Colleen Watson 

Liz Grant 

Karinda Dobbins 

Kelly Anneken 

Pippi Lovestocking 

and we’ll probably have a few special guests if we can pull it off. We’ll have cake, hugs and of course lots of LOVE! 

As always I’ll be your everything…I mean your host —  Lydia Popovich

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Next Show: July 9!


We are in the HEART of Summah. The time is now. You gotta have it. Get filthy with it NOW….while it’s hot.

 As a wise man once said, don’t wait till August to have a Summah

One of the best ways to spend a Summah weeknight is at a comedy show with your friends. And wouldn’t you know it…we’ve got a SUPER SWEET Summah line up planned for July. 

Ladies Lovin’ Summah….


Dhaya Lakshminaranyanan is cute as a button and sharp as a whip. Her intelligent and playful delivery charms audiences every time. 


Kimberly Rose Wendt  is one half of the producer duo Bitch Slap. She’s focusing her efforts on a big time show in August featuring a few Ladies Love favs and me. Kim is a funny gal in her own right. Come watch her shine. 


Priya Prasad is one of the Bay Area’s best. She’s bold, she’s beautiful and she’s fucking funny. If she made shirts that read “Priya is my Homegirl” they would sell out instantly. 


Corie Gipson recently reminded me that about two years ago after a show at the San Jose Improv, my mom said to Corie, “Keep it up, you did great!” Corie heeded my mom’s advise and now she’s even greater. I’m so happy to have her back at the Layover. Hopefully she’ll tell you all about the time she punched a bitch in the face. Oh and my mom is a prophet. 

And guest sets from….

Rachel Scoot This young lady dropped in and watched the last few months of Ladies Love shows.  She’s newish to the scene so I’m excited to see what she does.  

Smita Venkat introduced herself to me last month at Ladies Love and said she met Janine Brito in Tokyo and she recommended us. Janine Brito is one of the greatest human beings alive so I had to give Smita a set. 

And of course, I will be your host, Lydia Popovich guiding you through the glistening comedic waters on a hot summah night. 

Here I am represented by this picture of my mom jumping out of an airplane. That’s how you have a fucking summah. (Technically this was in PRE-summah but I think she deserves extra credit) 


Fun fact — I’m headlining a show at The Punch Line on 7.23.13. It features the dynamic Marcella Arguello as the host and a bunch of boys who I love but won’t be mentioned here because this is a web page for women by women. Buy Tickets. 

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Next Show: June 11 !

The Ladies loved the shit out of the Punch Line this week. Know that. 

We’re back home at The Layover Tuesday June 11. 

This month we’ve got a great mixture of Ladies Love favorites and first timers! 

Featured Ladies …


Miss Nina G is one one of the nicest gals you’ll ever meet. She’s a legit pinball wizard. She is so very talented and has amazing hair. Therefore I hate her. Juuuuust kidding. I love her. That’s why she’s back to entertain you again. 


Mimi Vilmenay is America’s Sweetheart. The prettiest girl at the ball. The girl, girls want to be and the girl guys want to be IN. She’s also foul mouthed, sarcastic and almost always inappropriate. But most importantly she’s really, really pretty. 


Loren Kraut is a mutherfucking gangster and don’t you ever, ever, EVER fucking forget that shit cuz. On the real, she’s mad misunderstood. Fools think she some OCD lesbian but DON’T NOBODY KNOW what’s really real cause on the real….bitch gets REAAAAL. 


Zahara Noorbakhsh  In addition to having stunningly long lashes Zahara Noorbakhsh has a name I just know is going to be fun to say loudly into a microphone. She’s a clever, intelligent storyteller. Aren’t you lucky you get to see her for free! 


Aly Jones When scouting around for new talent amongst my peers this young lady came up quite a few times so I figured we should invite her over to share the love. Love her won’t you? 


Emily Van Dyke enjoys rubber duckies, lounging dudes and sunglasses in the pool. I applaud her. She seems like the kind of gal who really appreciates the importance of Summah. That goes a long way with me.  

And of course I will be your host….Lydia Popovich represented this week by the bewildered eyes and wig of the incredible Theresa Caputo. 


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Next Show: SF EDITION: Ladies Love The Punch Line June 4 


You are cordially invited to join us in a night of riotous laughter at
The Punch Line
San Francisco 
Tuesday June 4, 2013
Starring headliner Marga Gomez
With performances from 
Mary-Alice McNab 
Anna Seregina 
Layla Baird 
Queenie TT 
Dhaya Lakshminarayanan
And your host Lydia Popovich 
Punch Line Box Office $15 (no fees) (415) 397-7573
Use Code Word: LADIES for $10

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