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It’s ROCKTOBER! This month we are celebrating women who multitask. Every woman on the bill this month is a spinner of many plates. They are rockstars. 

Ladies Loving the Layover this month: 

Nina G if you stutter, she’s an inspiration. If you play pinball, she’s gonna beat you. If you always dress cute and have great hair, so does she. What I’m saying is Nina is super smart and good at pretty much everything…including comedy. 

Follow her @Ninagcomic

Karinda Dobbins Glass ceiling? Karinda shattered it.  She is a mom AND a lesbian (Yes, you CAN be both.)  …..AND she’s black AND she works in the biotech industry. She’s also a freaking amazing comic with incredibly profound feelings on Nikki Minaj. 

Follow her @KarindaDobbins

Layla Baird's jokes are brassy and intelligent. We don't get to see her in Oakland nearly enough because she is busy knitting adorable caps for her Etsy store or being a super nanny. I cajoled her into driving up from San Jose just to entertain you. AREN'T YOU LUCKY! 

She’s not on Twitter so feel free to just FOLLOW her around in real life until she is. 

Stefani Silverman is a lawyer, a hair removal specialist AND a comic. It’s like she’s trying to steal ALL the jobs. G’ah. 

Follow her @Stefsilverman

Loren Kraut is deadpan and hilarious. She’s an OCD playwright with a unique gift to pull her audience deep, deep into the awkward. 

Follow her @LorenKraut

Anita Driesberg has sparkly blue GREEN eyes, flowing blond hair and German blood and an overbearing German mother. When she’s not delighting audiences with her tales of spinsterhood, she’s drawing, painting and creating AMAZING graphic art. 

Follow her @Sanfranita

Liz Grant  has been doing comedy longer than most of us have had our period. She’s written for George Carlin’s, wrote and starred in her own show that ran for like 23 weeks and she’s a massage therapist. Oh also, SUPER HOT. 

Follow her @Lizgrantcomic

And our special guests this month ….

Athena Rodriquez is a mom and possibly one of the most photogenic women in history. She is also joining us from the South Bay! 

Follow her @Sheshinesforyou

Alice Wetterlund joins us from LA …. She’s an actress, a comic and is in town for the SF Comedy & Burrito Festival. 

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Of course, I will also be there hosting the SHIT out of this amazing show. And as the song goes……If you don’t know me by now….you will never ever, ever, ever know meeeeeeee…..

Here I am as drawn by Miss Anita….

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More about our amazing sponsor:

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Ladies Love the Layover and we LOVE you.

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