Next Show: Tuesday March 12!

Oooooh weeee do we have an amazing line up for March…

Ladies loving the Layover this month: 

Valerie Branch  is a delightful individual. She host a show in SF called LOL Comedy at OMG! Bar and sometimes performs as a drag impersonator. Yeah, a real lady, dressing up like a man dressing up like a real lady. Wrap your head around that! 

Mary-Alice McNab  is one of my absolute favorite people to talk to and to watch perform. She’s vivacious, endearing and most importantly….funny. 

Colleen Watson is a Layover regular. You’ve seen her before and you love her. Fall in love all over again when she joins us for Ladies Love. 

Susan Maletta  is a joker, a toker…a midnight smoker, she gets her lovin’ on the run. She’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen…you’ll love her peaches and want to shake her tree. 

Shanti Charan is everywhere. If you haven’t seen her then you’re eyes must be closed. Open them up once…GAH! 

Dhaya Lakshminarayanan is a miracle. I’m not sure how her parents managed to package so much intelligence, beauty and charm into one little person. Dhaya’s humor is well thought out, insightful and invigorating. 


And of course I’lll be your host for March. HUGE THANKS to the lovely Kristee Ono for hosting the shit out of Ladies Love in Feb. We couldn’t have done it without her. If you see her in the streets, buy her a burrito. This month I am represented by this image of a chef serving raclette…because I care about food. 


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